We are happy to introduce the recent advancements in the 'Conditional Logic' section inside the DocTemplate modules.

With this improvement, you can,

1. You can replace the incoming text.

If Var-1="a", you can replace "a" with "b". Now the placeholder text (Var-1) in the template will get filled by "b" instead of "a", which was sent in the request.

2. Derived content. You no longer need to be dependent upon the incoming variables. You can now derive the content based upon the available data.

If your template has two variables (Var-1 & Var-2), you can define a logic that says if Var-1="a", Var-2 should be "b". This way, even if you are not receiving the value in Var-2, you can populate the placeholder based upon the other variables.

3. Nested Condition

You can now use two variables in your condition using the AND / OR logic. The nested option gives you more flexibility and the option to extend the logic.

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That's it for now.

We will be back soon with more exciting updates.

- Product Team @DocsCloud