More Power 💪 to Business Flows

New Feature

Today we released our first important update to the Business Flows module. With this release, Business Flows now offers you,

  • Form & Template variables as a part of the notification emails.
  • You can choose the preferred output format from the DocExtractor module when used in the Business Flow
  • The reviews no longer required login into the DocsCloud platform for reviewing the transaction. We have added the review link in the emails. Just click on the link and take the relevant action on the transaction.
  • Until now, a Form can be mapped to one or many templates. On submission, all mapped templates were getting generated. Now you can define the conditional mapping based upon the form data. Once the condition is met, a relevant template will get triggered. This flexibility is only available in the Business Fow and not available in the standalone form option.
  • Business Flow now has new actions that correspond to the DocSignature module.

That's it for now.

We will be back soon with more exciting updates.

- Product Team @DocsCloud